Rise of Black Woman

Rise of Black Woman



Life is made up of different energies. These energies come in different forms and dimensions and they have unique roles to play in human’s life. There are two main energies – feminine and masculine energy and they are the bases of whatever a man or woman become. Therefore, an individual must pay attention to the energy he/she carries in order for such fellow to go higher and become better at whatever they do. This is because humans are spiritual being and stand to be great when they pay attention to their energy and improve on it. Therefore, this article is going to expressly inform you about feminine energy and how you can harness your energy so you can move from the lower rung of life to the higher rung.     

What is feminine energy?

Feminine energy is simply the traits that are widely considered to be the direct opposite of those traits and unique factors that are widely associated with masculine energy. In the Piscean Age, men knew the journey and women knew the destination. Heading into the Aquarian Age, women will know the journey and men will know the destination. This means that both complement each other. Both can define how far the other goes when they both collaborates to achieve a goal. Your masculine side gets expressed when you work toward a goal, make progress, get things done, and push forward. This is the Aquarian woman. The Piscean woman was the seed planter in man during the Piscean Age, because she saw the destination. Piscean man was to take the world to the destination the Piscean woman saw fit. Now in the Aquarian Age the man is to plant the seed in the woman, and she will bring us to the destination the masculine energy sees fit. Look at the world of feminine exploitation, legalizing of so-called drugs, the freely fucking. This all revolves around the seed of man. See, in the Piscean age it was about nurturing, protection, sacrifices.

Now in the Aquarian age it’s about freedom of choice, it’s about me, the individual, the ego, independence, materialism and money. In this Aquarian Age, your feminine side gets expressed when you move with the flow of life. Allow the masculine energy to point you in the direction and the feminine energy will take you through its creativity. Embrace your creative energy, the thought, dance, play, and attune to your internal process. This means that feminine energy is what every individual possesses but only comes to play when we are ready to use it. As a black woman, you have to ask yourself if you're not aligning with the black man and seeing what destination he has planned, who’s leading you down this road of material wealth, independence, self-exploitation, and need for societal credibility.

Feminine energy is the most important energy in one’s life and no one can rise beyond his/her feminine energy. It is what propels you to be active and flow with life. Feminine energy also helps someone keep their creativity in check and move beyond any power that may hold them down. When we have our feminine energy and keep on building on it, as human beings, we stand a good chance of rising to the place of the goddess. Goddess is what you, as a woman, should be working towards becoming. Goddess is higher than a queen as many women nowadays now look toward becoming a queen through the acquisition of materialism, such as clothing materials, shoes, handbags, cars, houses etc. This ideology displays the journey to your destination. We see those that are earthly and does that are heavenly. Those that are earthly, the Queens seek to have material possessions, and those that are heavenly, seek intangible knowledge to get higher spiritually and become better at what they do. We can also look at the spirit body chakras. Queens live in the Root chakra and Goddesses live in the Crown.  

Therefore, irrespective of gender, masculine and feminine energy is important to embody one’s personality in order to feel like a complete person. These two energies (feminine and masculine energy) have their own place in humans and can determine how far an individual goes in life. This is because both create a complete personality.  Men are usually encouraged to identify more with masculine energy, but there's great joy in being able to let go and be flexible. In fact, I encourage men to explore their feminine energy as this is the real deal that could get them to realize their goals and be in tune with the universe.


You may have some concept of your inner feminine power. It’s but one part of our complex source of energy. It’s the spirit that’s represented by different aspects of the divine goddess. I have compiled some general characteristics into archetypes to highlight the nature of our specific feminine strengths and weaknesses. To which “archetype(s)” do you self-subscribe? How do others view you?  Note: these could be construed as stereotypes, but please put that idea aside for our purposes here.

The African Queen:  Elegant and regal, the African queen’s head is lifted. She’s always looking up, and looking out. She identifies with her often lost or unknown motherland heritage; she wears battles past deep in her heart. She is the protector of civil rights and humanity, and the arts. She commands respect. The Black Queen struggles to bring her level of consciousness to the masses to bring positive change to communities at large. She seems all-powerful but often needs more self-nurturing to sustain herself long-term.

The Diva:  Being a Diva is about looking good and feeling fierce. A Diva has attitude and raw, exuberant confidence. She is confident about her life choices, a proud Black woman, particularly when swathed in the latest designer brands. She is sharp, talented, and insightful. She’s on a mission to take the world by storm. She lives the lights, cameras, action life. Yet, there’s always something still missing. There is more to her, something deeper, that needs to be revealed.

The Momma:  The matriarch and nurturer, and the protector of everyone and everything.  She is demanding but she doesn’t always take time to care for herself.  At times, she can be hell on wheels, but we all know that she is tender and loving inside.

The Sista-girl:  The sista girl is like the girl next door.  She operates well within the American mainstream.  She is driven, independent, successful, and very smart.  But despite all of her successes, she can still become caught up in society’s (other people’s) ideas of her ideal life. She is often health conscious but vulnerable to poor body image.

No matter our types – or archetypes – there is still a need for transformation. All of us could use a measure of balancing, to bring us to the level of a Goddess. The balance and true beauty happen when we embrace and expand on the divine feminine within us.

Black Women are unique and they are the true specie of human being that possesses origin feminine energy. This makes them unique and powerful than the other gender. So would you rather rise as a black woman and become the goddess that you are meant to be?


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