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Born Khnurn Moor EL, he opted for Dkon Maverick to shroud himself in mystery so he could reach a lot of lost souls without fear or prejudice. Since he was born, he has been conscious of the world's wickedness, constantly looking for ways to purge the world of its evil and negative energy. To do that, he made Bible his dependable companion, reading and understanding the book of Revelation from the age of 7. While reading Bible at a younger age,  he received a revelation that made him realized that to understand how the world works and how the power of God operates, he had to release himself and let God lead him through. When reading the Bible, God made him understand how to change the word faith to knowledge and God to I – helping him personalize his faith and God.

At the age of 15, his mathematical intuition based off biblically speaking God's time, 1000 years is one day in heaven, revealed that 2024 will be a big year, realizing  God was not returning because He was already here. This consolidated his belief (in his words knowing) that anybody claiming they are The God is a deceiver and nothing but an antichrist. “God is in each and every one of us”. He would say. Different experiences he has had opened many spiritual portals and vistas of understanding for him. In his early 20s, he learnt how to harness the power of God. Through extensive reading and prayer, he was able to discover himself, his power and understand his spirituality as a black man. Through constant reading of ancient history and prophecy, he went on a spiritual journey and garnered different experiences. To continually be a better person, he read many spiritual books from many good scholars. Hence, doing spiritual work helped him gain an intense understanding of self, inner-being and his unique personality.

Writing the Rise of the Black Woman was an idea that has been planted in his mind since he was barely eight years old. This is because he had always known he would be an intercessor that brings people to God and intercede on their behalf for a better life and fulfilled future. Amidst many wolves in sheep clothing, claiming to be the servants of living God, this writer has ceaselessly worked in God’s vineyard, that is not to bring religion to people but to bring people to salvation. Dkon focuses his ministry on women, especially black women who find it hard to get their broken life, home and spirituality fixed in a constantly tilting world.  Rise of the Black Woman was primarily inspired by “Gossip”, a spiritual Podcast by Dkon Maverick, the man who loves unraveling mystery.

As an entrepreneur, Khnurn Moor EL created a spiritual clothing line that was designed to symbolize higher self. The clothing line is called 9D for 9th Dimension. This clothing line can be found on Shopify from November 2021.

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