What is God?
>>> God is the idea of Man

Do You think God will return?
>>> Yes but it will be our awakening to God not god coming from out of the sky

What if God appeared on a cloud like in the Bible?
>>> Well today we call that Aliens, so it is possible an Alien race will appear and declare themselves as God over the people that want to believe that they are not God themselves

What’s the purpose of government?
>>> Governments role is to govern the minds of individuals that won’t govern themselves

Will all people awaken to what you call God state?
>>> No but is it possible Yes, it is up to each one of us to come to our own understanding of who God is, no one can really tell you who God is. The first world order says it was Jesus but now that people are awakening to Christ people are realizing that Christ lives within

Who is the devil?
>>> The devil is us just as god is us, these two forces live within us all and each day we get the opportunity to either be good or God, or we can choose to be bad or Devil

Why haven’t people already reached this plateau you call God State?
>>> My personal understanding is that the people of earth were conquered by an Alien race, an this race of beings created political structures such as religion and different hierarchies to subjugate the people in order to stop their evolution

Where did the name Dkon Maverick come from?
>>> Ole Skool a guy Named Melvin Rambeau, he use to call me Jr. Deacon, He saw a lot in me and I in him so I kept the name. Maverick was guided to me by the spirit, one day I was thinking of a name to follow Dkon and I opened the dictionary and there it was, the definition of Maverick fits me well.