Mission Statement


We are here to bring the true light to the world and open the repressed portals of knowledge to the black race and every other individual who cares for nothing but the truth. We are determined to realize this through unapologetic spiritual enlightenment, reorientation and hard spiritual talk and revelation. We are determined to bear the torch of knowledge and hope to every confused and lost soul. Gossip shall mold a bulwark of spiritual knowledge through teaching, advancing spiritual education, and new concepts of thinking, thereby freeing all black nations from spiritual bondage and religious lies. We shall lead people to the space where they can experience true God – that is, we shall make all nations understand that they are nothing but God themselves. Gossip is poise to create a new frontier of spiritual vistas for every individual by revealing the truth hidden in their plain sight. This is necessary so people do not perish in the damning ignorance. We shall achieve all these by creating a channel for effective communication and discussions of the hard truth. We as a whole have been enslaved by the power of the sun and it’s time for us to move into a fold of a new level of awareness.


In a very short time, we are determined to ensure black and many other races are freed from the spiritual bondage and religious fallacy. We shall enforce this by making men and women see, realize and optimize their true power. We are determined to ensure all women understand the essence of their feminine energy, which is the base of all other energies. However, as a people, we must first understand that the sun or son is consciousness, and the historical Jesus symbolized consciousness. Consciousness is neither masculine nor feminine but it is both. That’s why Jesus was referred to as Jesus Christ. Jesus being masculine energy and Christ being feminine energy. It is the unification of these two primordial energies that must be balanced in all our lives in order for us to rise to the God state of consciousness. Jesus referenced this when he stated, “I and the father are one”. The dominant white patriarchal society did not inform us of the feminine energy and its role in our elevation to reaching this God state. Gossip is here to release the black nation, especially the black women, from the shackles of religious infidelity and enslavement.


In Christianity, the holy trinity is the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost. That is some sort of bullshit and veil put on your spiritual face to blind you so you will not be able to access the spiritual portals where you can be in a state of God. The holy trinity is the Mother, Father and the Child. So we seek to balance the world by bringing the power of the feminine energy to the forefront and letting the world know that her influence on the world is far more influential than the masculine energy and it is time we become aware of this hidden knowledge so we can rise to a God state. This particular truth is only a part of the work that must be done; the other part is knowing thyself so we can come into balance with these two forces. Rise from Your Slumber, Black Woman! Awaken from Your Slumber, Sleeping Giant – Black Man! Access The Top Echelon of Spiritual Power, Black Rise!